Strapon hook up

This time, though, there should be a tow hook or a strong steel loop mounted just underneath the front bumper (or sometimes closer to the center axle).

You should check the owner's manual to be sure.

Attach a tow cable or strap to them and you'll just destroy the bumper or pull it off altogether!Do not attach the tow strap directly to the axle or any other metal part hanging out under the front of the vehicle as there are many sensitive parts that might not be the towing hook.Some vehicles have plastic covers over the hooks while others are hidden in recessed nooks.By inspecting the power block on your stove, you can determine which type of power cord you can install for your particular application. There will be three screws in a row for the power wires, and one small nut for the ground wire.If the stove is three-prong capable, there will be a copper grounding strap that attaches the center screw to the ground nut.

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