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Security would come along every few hours and move her. " Startled, the woman looked up at the distinguished looking man waiting for the bus. " the man repeated in a slightly louder and more commanding voice. "I wasn't asking to fuck you woman," annoyance showing in the man's voice, "I was asking if you wanted a bed to sleep in tonight.

I wasn't referring to my bed but I do have a spare room, several in fact.

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Gradually the modern lives and those of a past era become intertwined.MF FF NC Rom and many other sexual variations If you are an underage minor or offended by such material -or- if viewing this file is illegal in your locality, then leave, close or delete this file-story now.This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to persons living, dead or otherwise is purely coincidental, etc."Hang your coat over the back of that chair and get the rest of your wet things off and into the washing machine." Sounds like a military man, bag lady thought to herself as she fumbled with the buttons of her coat and watched the man drape his mackintosh and beret over another chair and carried it nearer the Aga cooker. Sorry I don't have anything other than Johnson's Baby Bath to put in the water. Haven't had any lady guests yet." "Please," Margaret said, "Please leave me to do it on my own." "Just get on with it woman.Finally she undid the last button and sloughed the coat to the flagstone floor. I won't harm you." Slowly she removed the remainder of her things watched closely by the man until only her bra and knickers were left. Obviously undernourished because her ribs stood out but she was well built and had breasts that had barely started to sag. Toilet with a mahogany seat, polished brass hinges and the inside of the bowl decorated with a blue flower pattern. You've probably been squatting in public places for some time. The water will be ready shortly." Indeed the water was already gushing, gurgling and spitting out of the ancient brass taps.

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