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Thus, from Tacitus alone we can get at least six facts that back up the veracity of the New Testament epistles.

Suetonius is another significant writer from the early 2 we see a reference to Jesus, as well as the early Christians: “He expelled from Rome the Jews constantly making disturbances at the instigation of Chrestus…” Why does Suetonius call Jesus, Chrestus?

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Jesus wished to be forgiven, but [his rabbi] was too slow to forgive him, and Jesus in despair went away and put up a brick [idol] and worshipped it.” The following verses refer to Jesus within the Talmud: as authoritative when trying to study the life of Jesus as they judge it far too late.

According to scholar Michael Bird “Authors like Josephus, Pliny the Younger, Suetonius and Tacitus from the late first and early second century wrote about Jesus too…

[which] sounds pretty early to me, as least in comparison to other historical figures.” So, what facts can we get about Jesus from these two references?

Here we have a legitimate reference to the historical Jesus and his brother. Scholars have rightfully noted that the reference to Jesus in the text is suspicious since it mentions Jesus in a way that a Jew of the likes of Josephus, who was particularly unsympathetic towards Jesus or early Christianity, would never mention him.

It is as if Josephus exalts Jesus more than he should, and the result is that scholars have questioned its authenticity, and thus concluded that it is a Christian interpolation.

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