Chinese men dating black women

Chinese men still have a long way to go in wooing foreign women.

A survey of 100 adult Caucasian women with experience living and working in China by Zhang Jiehai, a sociology professor from Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences was released early last year.

His family's attitude toward their son dating a foreign woman quickly changed when Eikenburg went home with Jun for Chinese New Year.

When she showed his father pictures of her family at home, "it really opened him up", she says.

But despite the generalizations, there are Western women who have looked beyond stereotyping and found love in China.

Among them is a group of women who are writing about their atypical pairings.

She's also been surprised by his parents' involvement in raising their children."They're way more involved than I expected," she says."But if we asked them not to guan (or interfere with) us, then it would be like we're refusing their love." "When you marry a Chinese you marry the whole family," says Jo Gan, a 42-year-old African-American woman who is a director of foreign teachers in Yuyao, Zhejiang province.Other hurdles can often include the involvement of the family in the couple's life.Gao says she's had to adjust to how much her husband's parents are involved with their life, having been raised to be more independent.

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