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The director of MIM contributed research to the article below "Palestinian Children's Suicide Funds" which describes the militant Islamist activities and associations of PCRF chairman Steve Sosebee ,and the now defunct website run by PCRF spokeswoman Rosemary Davis, who is the medical supplies coordinator of the PCWF.The PCWF logo, replete with children flashing the victory sign, was prominently displayed on the 'Palestine4Ever' suicide bomber website homepage."I could be back in Ohio watching the NBA every night and eatingpopcorn," he said, "but I still truly believe that I want to dedicate mylife to this type of struggle."When (PCRF treasurer ) El-Asmar addresses potential donors at mosques, he urges them to beas generous as Sosebee, an American from Ohio.

I n 2003 a Belgian doctor who had come on a PCRF mission was deported by Israeli authorities because he posed a security threat.---------------------------------------------------------------------- In 2000 Sosebee made clear that he felt combining armed struggle and humanitarian help was no contradiction : "I thought this is a good way to contribute to the struggle and providea humanitarian service at the same time," Sosebee said about the Palestinian struggle to end Israeli occupation of Gaza and the West Bank.

More proof if any is needed of the militant Islamist agenda of the PCRF (and PCWF) which operates on the guise of a humanitarian organisation.

The PCRF is also funded by the UAE based Zayed Foundation For Coordination and Followup, (which also funds "Medicins sans Frontieres".)In 2003 the Zayed Foundation website was demanded closed down by the US governement because it promoted Holocaust denial, blood libel, and that 9/11 was a hoax.

He also proudly recounted how the PCRF recruited a political doctors and nurses for their aid missions and turned them into staunch proponents of the Arab war against Israel.

Journalist Sosebee arranges press conferences as forum and uses injured Arab children as props to rail against Israeli atrocities .

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