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"Media, especially newspapers, insurance companies and local authorities chasing council tax arrears all appear in the sales ledger" of the agency.

Whittamore's network gave him access to confidential records at telephone companies, banks, post offices, hotels, theatres, and prisons, including BT Group, Crédit Lyonnais, Goldman Sachs, Hang Seng Bank, Glen Parva prison, and Stocken prison.

Although there was evidence of many people being engaged in illegal activity, relatively few were questioned.

Operation Motorman's lead investigator said in 2006 that "his team were told not to interview journalists involved.

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Employees of the newspaper were accused of engaging in phone hacking, police bribery, and exercising improper influence in the pursuit of stories.In 2002, under the title Operation Motorman, the Information Commissioner's Office, raided the offices of various newspaper and private investigators, looking for details of personal information kept on unregistered computer databases.The operation uncovered numerous invoices addressed to newspapers and magazines, which detailed prices for the provision of personal information.The investigator...accused authorities of being too 'frightened' to tackle journalists." Learning that Steve Whittamore was obtaining information from the police national computer, the Information Commissioner contacted the Metropolitan Police and the Met's anti-corruption unit initiated Operation Glade.Whittamore's detailed records identified 27 different journalists as having commissioned him to acquire confidential information for which they paid him tens of thousands of pounds.

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