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The boys would first grow donkey ears, then a tail, their head would turn furry, having donkey hair, their laughing would then become braying, their hands and feet becoming hooves, before losing their ability to talk (though some donkeys like Alexander can still talk) and then finally being on all fours.

The donkeys were then rounded up by the Coachman and his minions.

In Italy, where the original story was written, the Donkey is a symbol of "stupidity".

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Lampwick grew donkey ears, a tail, furry head, and accidentally brayed after making fun of Jiminy Cricket and teasing Pinocchio when the puppet accidentally brayed for the first time.The donkeys were then inspected and those who couldn't talk were stripped of their clothes before being put into crates, then taken back to the ferry that took the boys to the island. Those like Alexander that could still speak were kept behind until they lost their voices or simply used to pull the Coachman's stagecoach.While Pinocchio and Lampwick are in a bar playing pool, Jiminy tried to warn them about what he's seen, but to no avail, as he was driven out and humiliated.Apparently, the boys can do whatever they pleased on the island, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, fighting, wrecking the place and other deeds that good children wouldn't do.The boys were also free of the law and any adults or teenagers who could stop them from being naughty.

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